In 2000, construction began on a pipeline that stretches a thousand kilometers from Chad's Doba Basin to the beaches of Cameroon. Funded by oil giants Exxon, Chevron and Petronas, morally insured by the World Bank whose stated purpose is to alleviate poverty, the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline was a beacon of hope for the people of the region.  Oil revenues and jobs would enrich their nation and improve their quality of life: clean drinking water, school buildings, even electricity was promised to some.

Quel Souvenir, a 55-minute documentary, returns to the communities on the pipeline path to visit the people whose lives it has touched.  Their stories are personal, told with warmth and humor, but paint a global picture of the problem of natural resource extraction.  Instead of prosperity, the pipeline brought disastrous environmental impacts, famine, and the diversion of money to buy arms in order to fight a civil war.  It's the story of a "development project" gone bad, and a cautionary tale for any country considering natural resource extraction.

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